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Fall 2011:

After many years of having my ticket I decided this year to step up my HF activity. I replaced my Kenwood TS 430 and my Icom 706 with a new IC9100. I replaced my g5rv that was taken down a few years ago by falling trees with a Cobra UltraLite Senior 140 ft antenna. I have hopes of working all states before next spring. With the conditions the way have been I don't think I could have picked a better time to start my DXing.  My station consist of the IC 9100  running 100 watts for now, the Cobra antenna, Ham Radio Deluxe v5 and a Sony Vaio with dual monitors. I am using Log book of world for QSL service and upload my log to eQSL.

I am still active on VHF and UHF primarily for public service events  some of the photos are of the Net Control station for the Vermont 100 and Vermont 50 ultra marathons.  KB1MQD and I coordinate communications for both races, these events are fund raisers for Vermont Adaptive Ski and sport.  The net control station consists of 3 Icom 208h's, Icom F121 and 1 Icom 221. at the Vermont 100 we need about 40 hams to make the race safe for the runners and crews, the commercial rigs are for direct contact with local emergency services. With Karen as the  primary Net control operator and having 28 aid stations,  3 supply trucks,  two shuttle vans, at least 3 bike patrol medical personal and a few rovers net control is a two person assignment. backup for net control is my truck with 1 Icom 208,  1 Icom F121 and 1 Icom f221.

KB1SNR, KB1SNS and KB1SNTNet Control


Icom 208h x3
Icom F121
Icom F221Icom 208h
Icom F121
Icom F221Home QTH Station Net Control

Home QTH Station.

Icom 9100 W/Ham Radio Deluxe

This was my spot  at NEAR-Fest fall 2012  I used my spot  inside the swap meet to promote Vermont Adaptive and the Vermont 100 and Vermont 50!


Below are some Field Day 2013 memories with the West River Radio Club.






Putting up the beam!